Abraham Kriel Childcare Langlaagte Campus

About the beneficiary

One of the very few of its kind, the campus looks after 100 children with severe trauma, as well as those with low cognitive levels, in ten specialist houses by providing holistic care and a specialised education through the various programmes they run. The house-parent system is used in the houses where mentally challenged children stay, whilst childcare workers are employed at the houses for children with severe trauma and behavioural problems – this is a 24-hour service.

The children range in age from 7 to 18 years of age. In some cases youngsters stay on beyond their nineteenth birthday in order to complete school, or to find employment or in cases of severe mental handicaps, to find adult care facilities. Boys and girls are fairly equal in number, with five houses for girls and five for boys. Children from all races are cared for. Children often display difficult behaviour and need intensive therapy adapted for each house.

The aim of the campus is:

  1. To provide holistic care for children with severe trauma with the aid of specialist programmes in order to develop them and to re-integrate them into society.
  2. To provide education to those children who cannot adapt in mainstream schooling, due to severe trauma.
  3. To provide a basic education to children with limited potential through suitable schools e.g. Hamlet School.
  4. To ensure that all children are involved in their own personal development plans to the extent that they are able. These plans aim to secure their future as independent adults.

AAAKEE enlisted the beneficiary in 2017, and will continue to provide for the campus throughout each year as part of its various projects.

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Abraham Kriel Childcare Langlaagte Campus

Abraham Kriel Langlaagte campus cares for around 100 children with severe trauma or trauma combined with lower cognitive levels. Learn more