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In addition to assisting its enlisted beneficiaries, AAAKEE also caters for the community. From individuals and families to schools, we try to help those in need whenever we can.

We believe that it is essential to not limit out support to only our enlisted beneficiaries. Whilst these beneficiaries receive the most regular support from us, we cannot ignore the fact that there are many individuals, families, and other organisations that cannot always cater for their own needs. Then, there are also those who deserve the extra hand for service they provide to the public.

In the past, we have assisted struggling families in our local communities, and some communities outside of Johannesburg. In addition, we have assisted our local Police Station, as well as some churches.

Primarily, we focus on providing assistance through our Food and Active Education Funds.

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Ithembelihle Lsen School

An offshoot of the original J C Merkin School in Soweto, the Ithembelihle Lsen School in Primrose was established to cater for the needs of various children who are physically disabled. Learn more