Laura Vicuna Educational Centre

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A project of Don Bosco Educational Projects, Laura Vicuna Educational Centre (LVEC) was established with a view of creating an opportunity for the children from Finetown to receive some form of education.

  1. LVEC offers basic primary / elementary education to the beneficiaries.
  2. The learners at the centre are really marginalised to the extent that some do not have birth certificates and other official documents which creates a challenge when they seek enrollment in main stream schools.
  3. Many of the learners are the children of refugees and migrants from neighbouring countries such as Lesotho, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.
  4. Currently the centre has roughly 250 learners enrolled in grades 1 – 7.
  5. Upon completion of Grade 7 [elementary education] learners are suitably placed into government schools for completion of their high school education.
  6. The Centre has availed two classrooms for use by the Department of Education, in order that members of the community may attend Adult Education & Training [AET] classes to complete or upgrade their High School Diploma.

AAAKEE enlisted the centre in 2017 to assist with food, groceries, uniforms on a regular basis.

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