BEE Level 1 Contributor (BEE)

Certificate Issuer:M R Chartered Accountants

AAAKEE is currently a Level 1 Contributor to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment and, as such, your donations qualify for valuable points on your company’s next BEE Certificate.

Since inception, more than 75% of our beneficiaries are classified as ‘black’ – that is, african, ‘coloured’, and asian – and previously disadvantaged.

The ratial profile is not managed by AAAKEE – our beneficiaries provide to us, as often as possible, the amount of children in their care classified as ‘black’. See the attachment below, entitled Beneficiary Ratio Policy, for more information about this.

Under the new Codes for BEE, Public Benefit Organisations that have 75% or more black beneficiaries are now classified as Level 1 Contributors with 135% Recognition for Procurement.

We encourage corporate entities to enter into a ‘giving agreement’ (such as a CSI/SED agreement) with us. As we are a Level 1 Contributor, and provided the beneficiaries of your donations (1 – 2% of your Nett Profit After Tax, NPAT) are more than 75% black, you will be able to earn up to 135% on your spend.

In order to meet beneficiary audit requirements, AAAKEE can provide confirmation from an Independent Competent Person regarding our beneficiary ratial profile.

You may download our certificate, along with the associated policy and, using the download links below.

Also inclded below is our new affidavit issued in terms of our Socio-Economic Development (SED) and confirms our demographics profile.

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Lerato Child & Youth Care Centre

Founded in May 2000 by Pine and Lenie Pienaar, the Lerato Child and Youth Care Centre was motivated by the need of care and shelter for abandoned and destitute babies and children. Learn more