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Your financial assistance will enable us to treat our children as we promised and undertook to do. They will remember it.

This is a worthy cause in many respects; you can make a donation via BackaBuddy, or via EFT to the account named below.

Name of BankABSA Bank
Domicile BranchParktown, 514 205
EFT Branch Code632 005
International SWIFT CodeABSAZAJJ
Account Number911 986 3223
Beneficiary/​Recipient Reference“WEB [Your Name]” or
“WEB [Fund] [Your Name]”

Section 18A Tax Invoice

We will, as we are entitled to do, issue you with a SARS Section 18A PBO Invoice (which acts as a receipt upon verification of the donation on your end), so that you can claim this welcome input against your taxable income and be rewarded again by means of tax relief. To request an invoice, please get in touch with us, and indicate when your donation was made as well as what reference was used. If required, we may request that you send us the applicable payment notification in PDF format from your bank.

An invoice may only issued if your donation leaves an audit trail – that is, the donation reflects as income in AAAKEE’s banking account, or proof of value is provided for donations made in kind.

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BEE)

We are currently a Level 1 Contributor to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment and, as such, your donations qualify for valuable points on your company’s next BEE Certificate. Since inception, more than 75% of our beneficiaries are classified as ‘black’ – that is, african, ‘coloured’, and asian – and previously disadvantaged.

The ratial profile is not managed by ourselves – our beneficiaries provide to us, as often as possible, the amount of children in their care classified as ‘black’. Our current Beneficiary Ratio Policy can be downloaded from the file list on this page.

We encourage corporate entities to enter into a ‘giving agreement’ (such as a Socio-Economic Development agreement) with us. As we are a Level 1 Contributor, and provided the beneficiaries of your donations (1 – 2% of your Nett Profit After Tax, NPAT) are more than 75% black, you will be able to earn up to 135% on your spend, according to our 2016/17 BEE Certificate.

As required for your audit, we will provide confirmation from an Independant Comptetent Person regarding our beneficiary ratial profile, should one be required.

Other Information


If you wish to remain anonymous, you may do so by simply using a generic reference, such as “WEB Donation” or “WEB [Fund] Donation”. Please include the word “WEB” so that we may identify where donations are coming from.

Existing Donors

If you have worked with us in the past (via our call centre), please do not use a “WEB” reference as we use these payment references to determine where donations are being referred from.

We care about your privacy

Any information you send to us is kept strictly confidential at all times, and will not be subject to disclosure to anyone, unless required by South African law. In such a case, we would follow all the necessary steps to make sure that any such information being requested is being done so for a legitimate reason, and that the requester is someone with the authority to make the request.

Your donations are warmly and gratefully accepted – for, and by the children that benefit from them.

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